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 Social Media Resources

Find here a link to the images below and many more images that have been collected from our community  to use exclusively within your educational circles or for social media and creation purposes.

We kindly ask that all resources you use from this website that you place your logo or watermark on them so they remain exclusive to our community 

Exclusive Google Drive Link to access images below

IMG_2760 2.jpg
How to add your logo or watermark... load the image into an app such as canva or word swag
(or one of your choice) 
and simply add your logo or name to the image before sharing.   
The files created and shared in this space are exclusively created by or for the members of our community and a perk to being a member of this space is having exclusive access... by adding your information we are able to keep it an exclusive resource. We thank you for your participation here. 

Instagram stories

How to get started

instagram story

Loyalty program explained

instagram story

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