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Empowered Success 
Tools Library
dōTERRA Empowered Success
Daily  Mentor Call Program
Free Training
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Vision casting PDF for Your Year

Price Lists

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dōTERRA Canada 
enrollment kits

dōTERRA Canada 
price list 
dōTERRA AU/NZ enrollment kit
price list
enrollment kits


Slide Shows

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enrollment kits
price list 
price list 
Placement/Structure Slides
Building on Instagram Slide Show
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The Business Opportunity Slide Show

Resources for classes or builders

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Life Long Vitality Supplements Presentation Template

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Massage Therapy + Aromatouch Handout
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Pregnancy, Babies and Oils Sample Pack
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Oils for Mama & Baby
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Oil Sample Card
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Potential/New Builder
Ditch & Switch
Sample Pack
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Builder vs Sharer

10 Tips to Get Started
Pregnancy & Birth
Borrow My Stash Pamphlet