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Welcome Box + Sample Package Ideas

The purpose of a welcome box/package is a way to further introduce yourself to your new customer and to provide them with exclusive educational resources + tools (ex. empty roller bottles, spray bottles etc.) to start their oil journey.

This is completely optional.

Find below ready to edit and print files.
*great printing options through canva or upload your finished work to vista print

Other educational resources + roller bottles etc. can be purchased through your local essential oil supply resource. Ask your upline for ones in your area or their preferred purchasing stores. 

We kindly ask that all resources you use from this website that you place your logo or watermark on them so they remain exclusive to our community 

Copy of Copy of top 10 diffuser blends.p
Copy of Group Edit Lrp.png
1 copy.png
Copy of top 10 cheat sheet.png
[Original size] Copy of Copy of diffuser
The Aroma Essentials.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 11.38.48
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