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The Business Opportunity 

Welcome Love, 

We wanted to create a landing place for those curious what it looks like to build their own business using doterra essential oils.  Collectively we have been building since 2014 as a team together.  Today we are a global team that stretches all across the globe. We have joined together to create this resource for you, our loved customer with a curious heart. 

If you find yourself talking non stop about these essential oils, or perhaps posting about them lots, or maybe making roller bottles for everyone and the lingering "what if" question about you starting to sell them keeps popping up you are not alone.  Many in this community did not start with the intentions to build the business but found themselves naturally sharing all the time.  Asking perhaps what if I started to sell them what would that look like?  Or I wonder if it is possible to get my oils paid for?

Others in our community knew the moment they opened that essential oil bottle that this was the opportunity they had been waiting for and jumped in with two feet and never looked back. 

I guess what we are trying to say here is all are welcome and this opportunity can look however you want.


We recommend reaching out to whomever added you to this space to connect so they can begin to answer any questions you might have. All questions are welcomed.  NO, we will not hound you to do the business but rather make space for your curiosity and offer you some resources to give you info. 


Take a look through the builder guides doterra created that briefly highlights the compensation plan and next steps.



Talk to your upline (the one that added you here) and create a plan.  We have an exclusive builder's section in this space that they can add you to for resources, further learning and more support as you walk through this journey.  Whatever you decide we support you and are happy that you are here. 


Optional: Watch this Discover Doterra Recorded Zoom With a Diamond and Blue Diamond leader (Megan Spoelstra) in dōTERRA to gain more insight to the business and the opportunity. 

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